Migration in Sanders’ ‘Staying Put’

So, you’ve been assigned an essay on migration in Sanders’ ‘Staying Put’ and you’re not sure where to start? Well, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll give you some ideas on what to write about in your essay, so you can impress your professor and get that A+.

1. The Concept of Migration

In the book ‘Staying Put’, Sanders explores the idea of migration and its impact on individuals and communities. You can start your essay by discussing the concept of migration and how it is portrayed in the book. What are the different types of migration? How does Sanders define migration? Is it seen as a positive or negative experience?

2. The Reasons for Migration

Another interesting aspect to explore in your essay is the reasons why people choose to migrate. Sanders delves into the motivations behind migration, such as economic opportunities, political instability, or personal aspirations. You can analyze these reasons and discuss their significance in the book.

3. The Effects of Migration

Migration has far-reaching effects on both the individuals who migrate and the communities they leave behind. In your essay, you can explore the impact of migration on identity, culture, and social dynamics. How does migration shape the characters in the book? Does it lead to a sense of belonging or alienation?

4. The Role of Place

Place plays a crucial role in ‘Staying Put’ and can be a fascinating topic to explore in your essay. You can discuss how the characters’ connection to their homeland or new environment influences their decisions and experiences. How does Sanders portray the idea of home? Does it change throughout the book?

5. Comparison with Real-life Migration

While ‘Staying Put’ is a work of fiction, it can be interesting to draw parallels between the book and real-life migration experiences. You can research and analyze real-world examples of migration and compare them to the situations depicted in Sanders’ novel. This can provide a broader understanding of the topic and add depth to your essay.


In conclusion, writing an essay on migration in Sanders’ ‘Staying Put’ offers a multitude of interesting avenues to explore. You can delve into the concept of migration, discuss the reasons behind it, analyze its effects, examine the role of place, and compare it to real-life migration experiences. Remember to support your arguments with evidence from the book and other relevant sources. And if you need any further assistance, don’t forget to check out EssayPay for expert essay writing help. Good luck!

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