All Sports Programs

 Strength and Performance

To perform as a successful athlete, it is important to work hard and prepare.  Using agility ladders, mini-hurdles, box jumps, speed conditioning, dynamic stretches and body weight exercises can help you maximize your potential.  These trainings can be arranged for a team, small group or privately.

Teacher Workday/In Service Day/Snow Day Program

These full-day programs will be held at Tyson’s Sport and Health Club (8250 Greensboro Drive) on the basketball court and will be a combination of basketball skills, tag games, dynamic stretches, ball handling and shooting/driving stations. We will learn, play and have fun.  In addition to basketball we will play floor hockey, dodge ball and end the day with the popular “money shot”.   In Service and Teacher Workday programs will be scheduled in advance; snow day programs will be determined the day-of, by 9am, based on weather and school cancellations.

Summer Camps

“All Sports Camp” is fun and physical program that includes soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, capture the flag, track and field, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and a variety of other physical education games.  This is definitely a camp for energetic and sports enthused children, but has also been a great introduction of skills and teamwork for kids who do not have a sports background.  A highlight of the camp day is the “money shot” which allows kids to shoot from a spot on the court if they answer a trivia question correctly, winning anywhere from 50 cent pieces, to $5 per shot.

This camp is designed for the young sports enthusiast. Each week the campers will play a wide range of sports, which include, basketball, soccer, whiffle ball, kick ball, pickle ball, volleyball, floor hockey, flag football and track and field. Each day the camp will begin with a tag warm up game, and transition into playing/practicing two sports each day. The afternoon will be filled with group games like capture the flag, dodge ball, and moonball