That’s why every remote company needs a strong leader in people ops to help them make the transition. But it’s also the case and important to recognize that some people may be worse affected by the same sort of distance than others. I think the distinction is important, just to say that flexible hybrid is less problematic. You’re able to work through more of the issues and see more of the issues that come up when you’ve got people coming in and out of the office. It creates a lot of its own issues, too, but at least you’re not having people who are never there and people who are always there. When you have the fixed hybrid, some of these tensions or divisions or potential gulfs in understanding are much more extreme than when you’ve got people coming in and out.

  • Running Remote is a podcast about remote work and building – scaling effective, remote teams.
  • It exists on the cutting edge of business, throwing out the most innovative ideas about the future of work.
  • Cotton Capital investigates how the transatlantic trade shaped The Guardian, the UK and the wider world, starting with the publication’s founder’s own links to slavery and looking at its legacies which endure to this day.

They discuss tips, applications, software, tools, management concepts, and more to help be more productive and fulfilled in remote work life. Running Remote is a podcast about remote work and building – scaling effective, remote teams. This podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and remote work experts, discussing their experiences and insights on remote work. Produced by NPR, How I Built This collects interviews of founders and location independent entrepreneurs.

Carlos Escutia, Founder and CEO, GroWrk Remote

Listening to podcasts can be a fun break from the mundane of the day-to-day, and what’s more, it can be a great resource for optimizing our work and maximizing our productivity. Stolen photos of Janessa have made her the inadvertent face of a global romance catfishing operation and the podcast explores her reaction to the scheme as well as meeting people who have lost millions and had their hearts broken. In fact, it’s estimated that her image has been used on more than 100,000 social media accounts to scam unwitting marks.

remote work podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to be inspired, get motivated, and gain the tools you need to grow your business or team. The host of Building Remote Teams podcast Jevin Maltais talks about his experience of managing a 50-person remote team since 2010. The show tackles tough issues like loneliness, not being involved in decision-making, time tracking, and teaches executives how to build a remote team and manage it successfully. Always fascinating, Frank Cottle, the CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices has been working and running remote teams since the ’80s. Frank has decades of experience and insight on the evolution of working remotely. Listen in as he details how he manages his team and what he does to create culture.

Steli Efti, CEO and Co-Founder of

This is about creating a life you love, based around flexibility, freedom, and travel. A podcast interested in the idea of “life beyond your borders,” About Abroad discusses topics of being an expat and working from anywhere. Host Chase Warrington knows all about this, being an American residing and working in Spain.

This podcast offers insights, strategies, and tools for building a positive and productive workplace culture through interviews with experts and real-life experiences shared by business leaders and employees. Discussions cover how to land a remote job, how to build a remote company culture, the benefits of e-residency, and which cities are best for remote workers. Guests come from a variety of backgrounds but are chosen for being outstanding digital nomads.

Tammy Bjelland, Founder of Workplaceless

He uses his expertise to ask smart questions of remote professionals to get to the core of what makes remote work successful. Host Deena McKay amplifies the voices of Black employees in the tech space, sharing stories of success and failure in an industry that underrepresents people of color. She tackles topics such as racial inequality and diversity efforts. Though not specifically about remote work, IRL is a Mozilla podcast that explores the fascinating inner workings of the Internet and how its usage affects us (which is related to working remotely, right?).

And the less you have that, the less pull there is at the organization, which is where you start getting problems of retention and people just being happy to job hop because they don’t see anything special about your organization. It can be junior folks who don’t really know their way around the organization very well and are relatively new. It might be non-native language speakers who don’t feel that comfortable even face-to-face, never mind when they’re working remotely in an organizational setting.

I think it’s really important at this stage for managers to be taking the time to evaluate and review where they are, for example on the five C’s. It can be as simple as going through a check list of, “Let’s give ourselves a grade.” Are we great on communication, on coordination, on connection, on creativity, and on culture, or do we see areas where there’s room for improvement? If so, we need to take a step back, brainstorm, think about what we can do better, and try to implement that. That’s the attraction piece, and then who do you select, and who is really motivated to be there and wants to stay there? For junior people, culture is really important in helping to understand how things are done, making sure that behaviors are appropriate and are as productive as they can possibly be and are ethical, for example. Even for senior people, culture is really important for motivating and keeping them excited or interested in coming to work.

In doing so, you’re creating a nomadic lifestyle that is also sustainable. Debbie offers a comfortable and friendly approach that makes this podcast an easy and enjoyable listen. Hosted by Nomad Charles, this is a highly practical podcast that focuses on the transition. You’ll learn how to build a passive income and build the skills needed to go fully remote. From YouTubers to fitness coaches, Going Remote offers a broad range of perspectives regarding the digital nomad lifestyle. The number one business podcast, How I Work, is hosted by Amantha Imber.

Best Podcasts for Remote Workers

The host Jevin shares numerous pieces of advice to deal with hybrid office models. While many of the podcasts on this list might have a mix of remote work topics, the Managing Remote Teams podcast is more focused on the foundation of success for distributed teams. Host Luke Szyrmer does not release as many episodes compared to others on this list, but the content is still quite powerful. Each of these podcasts covers an array of topics around remote work, helping you be more efficient in the modern workplace, or tips on how to better lead remote teams. Remote work is taking off massively but it provides significant challenges.

remote work podcasts

If you ever wanted to do work better, find more happiness in your career, and apply learnings to becoming a better remote worker, this podcast is for you. The 21st Century Work Life podcast is brought to you by the same women who run Virtual Not Distant, a website that provides training resources for remote managers and teams. To hear expert insights from some originators in a remote-first company. The Rework Podcast is brought to you by the Basecamp team, one of the pioneers of having a completely remote company. I found this launch episode of the Way Too Busy podcast extremely thought-provoking. Anyone who feels stuck in the grind of an always-on job, and struggles to balance professional demands with personal life, will find this immediately relatable.

Nowadays, JavaScript is often confused with Java, and although there are some similarities between them, the two languages are distinct. On the other hand, level languages are much more complex to understand and write. The code written in languages is very efficient and directly manipulates the hardware and memory of the computer. Yet the developer needs to rely on manual efforts and understanding. As the name suggests, this is computer programming based on formal logic. This programming language program consists of a cluster of logical statements or rules that determine relationships among objects.

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language and is suited for developing modern multi-platform applications. This programming language was released in 2016 to be better than Java. Despite being released not even a decade earlier, it’s one of the fastest-growing programming languages.

Recommended Programs

First released in 2003, Groovy is an object-oriented programming language. It integrates effortlessly with any Java library as it’s dynamically compiled to Java bytecode. If you already have experience with Java, it’ll be easy to learn Groovy. Elm is a functional programming language and is aimed toward front-end development.

  • The most popular programming language, JavaScript, is used by 65% of developers in one way or another.
  • Applications built in R are used for processing statistics, including linear and nonlinear modeling, calculation, testing, visualization, and analysis.
  • It features audio creation, live streaming,
    live chat, a news feed, and advanced algorithms for user promotion.
  • That said, taking one of the best C courses can help you overcome this learning curve.
  • Many companies such as Accenture, Bitpanda, Robinhood, Uber, Slack, and others trust Swift for iOS app development.

In the programming languages list, you should have a good command over any one programming language. Swift (for iOS) and Kotlin (for Android) are the most widely used programming languages for mobile app development. TypeScript is a newcomer to top programming language lists, but it’s making headway. It was developed in 2012 by Microsoft and is a typed version of JavaScript that is well suited for large code bases. C and C++ developers can make use of compilers for a wide variety of platforms, making applications developed in these languages largely transportable. But developers can also use this language to write command-line scripts, and programmers with high-level PHP coding skills can also use it to develop desktop applications.

Benefits of SQL

Whatever your goals, join us as we deep-dive into the 14 best programming languages to learn in 2023, including pros and cons, use cases, difficulty level, and much more. You need to have a strong command over any one program language while having a basic idea of the most popular programming languages is appreciated. The count in the list of programming languages increases day by day. Kotlin is used extensively for Android apps, web application, desktop application, and server-side application development. Kotlin was built to be better than Java, and people who use this language are convinced.

Is coding worth it in 2023?

The Short Answer is Yes – coding bootcamp alumni earn ~51% higher salaries compared to their previous jobs! On average, graduates earn $80,943 at their 2nd job after bootcamp, and $99,229 at their 3rd job. There are tips you can follow to choose a bootcamp that is worth it and to make a bootcamp worth it for you.

Javascript and Typescript accounts for a total of 29% of the job offers that explicitly required a programming language. This is huge, meaning that nearly 1 out of 3 job offers required Javascript or Typescript knowledge. The main objective of this study is to categorize the “dev jobs” by its programming language, minimizing the errors and getting the most accurate information possible. To achieve that, only the title has been used to categorize those jobs into programming languages. This is because we want just the jobs that explicitly require a programming language.


PHP is mainly used for web development, in conjunction with frameworks like Laravel or WordPress. TypeScript was created by Microsoft to add static typing to JavaScript. If you are familiar with JavaScript, picking up TypeScript is easy as it shares the same base syntax as JavaScript. There are many large, active, and supportive Python communities online.

Its advanced syntax and multi-paradigm nature make it a difficult language to grasp. As we mentioned, coding practices evolve like any software or digital device. And the ‘best language’ can be different depending on which technologies or geographical areas are taken into account.

How Do Layoffs Affect Coding Demand?

That is to say, 80% of programmers use Kotlin mainly to build Android apps, 31% for back-end applications, and 30% for SDK/libraries. In addition, it runs with Java, allowing the use of existing Android libraries. As an open-source server-side scripting language, PHP allows the creation of interactive and dynamic interfaces. Even today, numerous leading Network Engineering Description & Career pages use it to run their interfaces and login systems. To conclude, the TIOBE index is a useful source because it analyzes the most used programming languages – rather than the best ones. If you need to make a strategic decision for a new project, this index is a starting point for an overview of programming languages’ demand and evolution.

  • I don’t mean to be semantics police but Verilog/VHDL are not programming languages.
  • Many developers today skip learning C on its own, while others think learning C first provides a valuable foundation for C++ development.
  • Haskell, Clojure, Lisp and Scala are the languages supporting this paradigm.
  • We use this list to find out the number of job listings that include each of the top 20 languages listed.
  • There is a huge shortage of people with expertise in R so learning this language can be a bright career choice.

It is used as a client-side programming language by 97.8 percent of all websites. JavaScript was originally used only to develop web browsers, but they are now used for server-side website deployments and non-web browser applications as well. The original C language is still used today, but most modern developers have switched to C++. The general-purpose programming language is best known for being versatile; you can use it to make applications of all sorts. Dozens of popular PHP frameworks such as Laravel exist, which can make your job coding with PHP even easier. With the launch of PHP 8.0, PHP is trying to break away from being just a backend scripting language to being a general-purpose programming language.

You can find a cheap but sturdy table for less than $20, and maybe for free if you’re fortunate. The downside is that the hiring process is highly competitive, so you’ll likely need to demonstrate prior experience or make a great impression on the hiring manager. Experienced and prolific translators can become Senior Translators, who command higher pay rates and are responsible for evaluating and editing entry-level translators’ work. GBTN’s tests typically involve dozens to hundreds of testers around the world running simultaneous tests on different aspects of clients’ games. As with any professional pursuit, you need to know how much your teaching skills are worth and price them accordingly. Maybe you’re committed to making the world a better place.

On average data entry clerks make an estimate of $15 per hour. Places such as Proofreading Pal will pay professional writers to proofread documents and books. Most proofreading companies look for qualified applicants jobs that make a lot of money from home who have a degree with some professional proofreading and editing experience. According to FlexJobs, some of the best stay at home mom jobs are virtual assistants, proofreaders, and online teachers/tutors.

High-Paying Remote Jobs with $100K+ Salaries

Cash back isn’t technically income because you need to buy something to earn it. But when you earn cash back for purchases you’d make anyway, it’s a great way to make a little extra money. Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog or website, but it can also generate income from your social media properties. You don’t need to buy digital ads to promote your classes, but it’s definitely worth your while to drum up support by email and social media. Lean on your existing personal networks and consider setting up an email newsletter to keep your contacts updated.

jobs that make a lot of money from home

If you are considering working from home, make sure it is the right decision for your personality. There was a time when working from homefull-time was a pipe dream, but recently, the pandemic has shifted the workforce landscape. There’s been a surge of full-time and part-time remote positions you can do from your own place. One of the first things you want to do is map out your goals. Figure out the area of focus you want to focus on and do a lot of research. With Reedsy Discovery, for example, you can access hundreds of books for free before they are published and get paid to do what you love– reading.

Sell Photos Online

More than one-third (37%) of jobs in the U.S. can be performed entirely at home, according to a June 2020 study conducted by the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Even though this is a seasonal gig, you can make a salary of over $30,000. Don’t forget to register with the IRS before you start this home-based business.

Wells Fargo employees in Des Moines could unionize. Here’s what … – Des Moines Register

Wells Fargo employees in Des Moines could unionize. Here’s what ….

Posted: Tue, 03 Oct 2023 10:48:06 GMT [source]

Print on demand (POD) is another popular way to earn money online. Many individuals have adopted this business model because it has lower overhead than other businesses. Shopify is the platform most online entrepreneurs use to sell products without inventory. With Shopify dropshipping apps, you can source a variety of products and have them shipped to your customers. Dropshipping is a business model where you sell a product to a customer, but the supplier handles the storage, packaging, and shipping on your behalf.

If you are licensed using the Server + CAL model, then any user or device that is indirectly accessing your SQL server data through another hardware device or software application will require their own SQL Server CALs. Just like with the core-based licenses, any physical operating system running SQL server software or any of SQL server’s components will need a SQL server license assigned to the physical server hosting OSE. All of the class files will be overwritten, which means that any amendments that you might have made to them e.g. adding attributes or additional members, will be lost. You can mitigate this by opting to use the Fluent API for configuration and using separate configuration classes. In addition, you can use partial classes to declare additional properties that don’t map to columns in the database tables. Storage Spaces Direct is software defined storage, using pre-validated Lenovo server configurations with local‐attached drives to create software‐defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional SAN or NAS arrays.

How many cores do I need for SQL Server 2016?

  • You need to license every physical operating system environment (OSE) that is running SQL server software.
  • You need at least four core licenses for each physical processor on the server (core licenses are sold in packs of two).
  • The SQL Server or any of its components needs to be licensed.

We believe monitoring plays a vital part in reducing humankind’s consumption of resources. Our products help our customers optimize their IT, OT and IoT infrastructures, and reduce their energy consumption or emissions – for our future and our environment. Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is a turnkey, rack-scale solution optimized with a resilient, high-performing, and secure software-defined infrastructure. Lenovo and Microsoft worked together to engineer the solution components—the Azure Stack software and Lenovo software-defined infrastructure—to make sure they perform seamlessly. ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is a pre-integrated, engineered solution that comes direct from Lenovo—ready to go—with all features, support, and deployment services included. Note that the maximum compute capacity for SQL standard is 4 sockets / 24 physical or virtual cores and 128 GB Memory for DB engines.

Q: When you split tempdb into multiple files, should each file be placed on a separate drive?

Downgrade SQL Server 2016 Core Lessons allows you to install an older image version of the OS. The license rules of the purchased version still apply (i.e. Server 2022). SQL Server credentials are supported for on-premise servers as well as Azure, and it is the default authentication method for dbt-sqlserver. Microsoft made several changes in the release of ODBC Driver 18 that affects how connection encryption is configured. To accommodate these changes, starting in dbt-sqlserver 1.2.0 or newer the default vallues of encrypt and trust_cert have changed.

  • In Azure SQL, you can sign in using AAD authentication, but to be able to grant an AAD principal certain permissions, it needs to be linked in the database first.
  • SQL Server Full Text Search service is a specialized indexing and querying service for unstructured text stored in SQL Server databases.
  • This module describes the preinstalled system databases, the physical structure of databases and the most common configuration options related to them.
  • A minimum of 8 cores per processor and 16 cores total must be licensed.
  • Licensing your Virtual Environment all depends on the licensing model you choose, with the per core model proving much more cost-effective for many clients.
  • Get the command used to select a GUID from the underlying database.

The results are returned to the client via the SQL Server process. From SQL Server 2016 onward, the product is supported on x64 processors only and must have 1.4 GHz processor as a minimum, 2.0 GHz or faster is recommended. SQL Server 2012, released in 2012, adds columnar in-memory storage aka xVelocity. DAM systems offer a central repository for rich media assets and enhance collaboration within marketing teams.

Authentication methods & profile configuration​

The adapter is tested with SQL Server 2017, SQL Server 2019, SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL Database. These versions are tested with Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 and Microsoft ODBC Driver 18. If you’re interested in contributing, check out the source code for each repository listed below.