Atlanta Marriage Customs

Georgia is definitely a place in which family creation is very important. They have three periods of marital life, machankloba (marriage proposal), nishnoba (betrothal) and kortsili (wedding).

First, there was the matchmaking procedure, when people would travel from metropolis to city searching for a online dating safety tips good match for a couple. Nowadays, this tradition is less common than it was once, but the entire family still enjoy a significant function in the selection of a bride and groom.

Second, in the past, a boy will visit his future bride’s parents and have for her hand, which is called nishnoba. This is not mainly because common as it once was, but it’s still done at times.

Third, a large amount of gets married in the cathedral. It’s a very traditional and beautiful approach to start a life together. The wedding feast day is usually accompanied by a party.

The food is of and the wine moves freely. The guests are very completely happy and the complete event may last until early morning, sometimes even into the afternoon.

Georgians love celebrating, and that is why there is a big wedding ceremony. They have numerous guests and generally invite family members from far.

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